Visualising European parties' donations and contributions

Louis Drounau
1 min readApr 16, 2021
Donations and contributions to European political parties for the years 2018–19. Data: APPF; data analysis and design: European Democracy Consulting
Donations and contributions to European political parties for the years 2018–19

Donations and contributions are essential parts of political parties’ private funding. In the absence of initiatives by the Authority for European Political Parties to provide European citizens with properly visible financial information on their European parties, European Democracy Consulting is stepping in; we’ve got you covered!

In its complaint to the European Ombudsman, European Democracy Consulting lamented the lack of visual information on the APPF’s website, which would go a long way in helping citizens get acquainted with and understand their European parties.

In particular, we argued that the mere publication of information by the APPF was not sufficient to ensure its visibility and, therefore, to implement the intent of Article 32 on transparency; this applied to electoral results, financial reporting, and other types of information and data.

In order to provide our own contribution to the visibility of European political parties, European Democracy Consulting has gone ahead and, using the data provided by the APPF on its website on donations and contributions for 2018 and 2019, prepared visualisations on European parties’ private and public funding (using data on public funding provided by the European Parliament).

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